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REN studietur til San Francisco


Årets studietur går til San Francisco 12.-16 oktober 2008.
Vi holder nå på med finpussen på programmet og oppdaterer det jevnlig på websiden.

Programmet slik det ser ut i dag, samt informasjon om hotell reservasjon og deltakeravgift finner du nedenfor.
Vi starter studieturen søndag 12. oktober med en tur til “the wine country” for å bli kjent og venne oss til tidssonen og avslutter torsdag 16. oktober etter fire lærende dager.

Påmelding til Veslemøy Barnes, innen 5. september.

Vi håper å se deg i San Francisco.


Sunday, October 12


Tour to the wine country, Sonoma or Napa

Monday, October 13


Change and Change Implementation
Lance Dublin, Dublin Consulting, 

Best Practices for Organizational Alignment and Learning Governance
Grant Ricketts,(co-founder of SABA) 

Grant Ricketts is an accomplished business development and marketing executive and industry thought leader in Governance, Learning Strategy and Human Capital ‘best practices.’
For the past 10½ years Grant Ricketts served as Vice President Business Development and Founding Member at Saba and was part of the start-up management team that founded the company in 1997. The company had a successful IPO in April 2000 and today employees over 500 people serving over 1,200 customers worldwide. Some credit him with coining the term, ‘LMS’ though he insists it first appeared in an article by Brandon Hall. 

Visit to UC Berkeley, Center for Digital Story Telling,

The Center for Digital Storytelling is a non-profit training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives. Our focus is on developing large-scale projects for community, educational, and business institutions, using the methods and principles of the Digital Storytelling Workshop. We also offer workshops for organizations and individuals and serve as an international clearinghouse of information and resources about storytelling and new media.

Afterwards you will have time to tour the UC Berkeley campus.

 Tuesday, October 14

  Leadership and Organization Development
Jeff Snipes, CEO Ninthhouse,

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Ninth House, Inc. is an innovator in using technology to create engaging learning experiences.  By taking a holistic approach to learning, Ninth House customizes organizational learning solutions that get results. Ninth House has proven expertise in initiatives designed to develop managers and leaders, foster innovation, spawn culture change, value diversity and create engaged, high performing employees. Through our innovative strategies and compelling, media-rich content, Ninth House tailored solutions change behavior on a large scale.

Visit to SABA
The state of the LMS market, and what innovations do Saba see coming in the technology to support learning initiatives
A.G. Lambert, Vice President Marketing SABA,

Founded in 1997, Saba is the premier global provider of strategic human capital management (HCM) software and services. Saba’s people management solutions are used by more than 1,300 organizations and over 17 million end users worldwide. Saba’s solutions increase organizational performance by aligning workforce goals with organizational strategy; developing, managing and rewarding their people; and improving collaboration.

Visit to Apple
Culture and Management Training, Organizational Development
Jeffrey Sampson, Director of Learning and Development, Apple

Wednesday, October 15


The New and Emerging World of Virtual Worlds:
Business and Learning Implications and Impacts

  • Overview of VWs--and especially relating to the use for learning and training   
    Dr. Eilif Trondsen, Virtual-Worlds Consortium for Innovation and Learning,
  • Second Life,
    Glenn Fisher and Claudia L'Amoreaux, education leader, Linden Lab
  • Sun’s Wonderland and Sun's Educational Grid (Immersive Learning)Kevin Roebuck, Global Education and Research, Sun Microsystems   
  • From 7 students to 700 -- Scaling graduate instruction in virtual environments
    Jeremy Kemp, San Jose State University                      

How the corporate learning ecosystem is evolving
Allison Anderson, Manager, Learning Innovations & Technology,
Intel Learning & Development, Intel Corporation 

This presentation offers a glimpse into the Ecosystem Learning Model, which is transforming the way Intel approaches corporate learning. We’ll look at how we’ve traditionally approached learning, the way people are really learning, and the new ways we are adapting to these natural learning styles. How do we connect people with content, with experts, and with each other in order to create a collaborative, participatory learning environment? How will this impact the role you play as a learning professional?

Allison Anderson is Manager of Learning Innovations & Technology and leader of the Learning Community of Practice within Intel Corporation. Her work focuses on the identification and application of new technologies and learning models for soft skills/HR learning and development. She is a charter member of the Learning CONSORTIUM and a veteran of Elliott Masie events. 

Visit to Stanford University

Enabling co-creative collaboration - developing successful models of teamwork, learner-centered models of training (thinking through doing), and collaborative authoring tools and processes
Professor Jeffrey Schnapp, Stanford Humanities Lab

Thursday, October 16

  Performance and Talent Managemen
Dr. Steven T. Hunt, Director, Business Transformation Services Successfactors,

SuccessFactors provides state-of-the-art Performance & Talent Management solutions that help organizations of every size and category realize their potential through their talent.

Corporate Knowledge-Casting
Maher Hakim, CEO Faculte,

For professionals, educators, and businesses, Faculte offers a rich media communication platform to create, distribute, manage and monetize on-demand and live broadcasts to private and public audiences.

Game On! Transforming Online Learning, One Game at a Time
Andrew Kimball, CEO, Qube Learning,

Last year, corporate America spent more than $125 billion on training. Research suggests that 96% of this money may have been wasted! Solving this problem requires thinking in three learning dimensions. Transforming information into knowledge that gets retained, understood, and applied successfully on the job requires high-quality learning content, activities and motivation. In this lively session, Andrew Kimball will demonstrate how many Global 1000 organizations are using Web 2.0 game-development tools to rapidly transform one-dimensional workshops, sales conferences, Web presentations, and online learning into more three dimensional learning competitions that receive rave reviews from participants and generate 10x greater retention.

Wrap-up and lunch



Vi har reservert endel rom fra lørdag 11. oktober til fredag 17. oktober på

Hotel 480
480 Sutter Street
San Francisco

til en spesialpris av $229 + hotellskatt pr. natt.

Dersom du planlegger å ankomme før lørdag den 11., vennligst gi beskjed snarest til   

Hotellet må reserveres via oss, så ved påmelding vennligst oppgi ankomst og avreisedato for hotellbestillingen.

Medlemsbedriftene i REN har en friplass på studieturen.  Reise, hotell, diett etc. kommer i tillegg.

Ekstra deltaker fra medlemsbedriftene kan delta, dersom det er plass, mot en deltakeravgift på kr. 10.000.

Dersom det er plasser igjen ved påmeldingsfristens utløp vil vi åpne opp for ikke-medlemmer mot en deltakeravgift på kr. 15.000.

Deltakerne ordner selv med flyreise tur/retur San Francisco.