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Presentasjoner og bilder fra REN studieturen til San Francisco oktober 2008

Her blir presentasjonene fra studieturen lagt ut etterhvert som vi får dem inn.

Bilder som deltakerne tok finner dere her:  Passord REN2008  Brukernavn: REN2008
Passord: siliconvalley


Monday, October 13

Change and Change Implementation
Lance Dublin, Dublin Consulting
Best Practices for Organizational Alignment and Learning Governance
Grant Ricketts,  

Tuesday October 14

Leadership and Organization Development
Jeff Snipes, CEO Ninthhouse

Wednesday October 15
Overview of VWs--and especially relating to the use for learning and training   
Dr. Eilif Trondsen, Virtual-Worlds Consortium for Innovation and Learning
Sun’s Wonderland and Sun's Educational Grid (Immersive Learning)
Kevin Roebuck, Global Education and Research, Sun Microsystems
From 7 students to 700 -- Scaling graduate instruction in virtual environments
Jeremy Kemp, San Jose State University   
 How the corporate learning ecosystem is evolving
Roberto’s Learning Ecosystem
Allison Anderson, Manager, Learning Innovations & Technology,
Intel Learning & Development, Intel Corporation
Here are 3 articles on Second Life that Eilif mentioned.
Second Life Retrospective
B-Schools in Second Life
A Second Life for Educators

Thursday October 16
Winning Through Talent In Uncertain Times
Erik Berggren, Sr. Director, Global Research, Successfactors
Corporate Knowledge-Casting
Maher Hakim, CEO Faculte
If you would like to sign up and play around with the product, the access code is preview2008.
Game On! Transforming Online Learning, One Game at a Time
Andrew Kimball, CEO, Qube Learning
Shift Happens