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Presentasjoner fra REN studieturen Washington DC

Her finner dere presentasjonene fra studieturen til Washington DC 15-18 oktober 2007

Mandag 15. oktober

The Training Effectiveness of Virtual Simulations:  Impact on learning and ROI
Metrics?, Dr, Sandy Mihal, University of Maryland University College
Assessing the Effectiveness of an Online Simulation Exercise 
Homeland Security Education, 

Ouanessa Boubsil,University of Maryland University College

The Future of mLearning: Effective ISD and Mobile Solutions
Dr. Heather A. Katz, Computer Technology Services and
Bob Sanregret, Hot Lava Software

mLearning Europe
Hot Lava Software

Learning Management Systems
Karl Engkvist, Blackboard

World Bank

Approaches to Knowledge and Learning for 
World Bank Staff

Donald McDonald, World Bank Staff Learning Program

Learning Design and Technology for Sustainable Capacity Development
Steffen Janus, World Bank Institute Multimedia Center

Global Development Learning Network (GDLN)
Sherry Kennedy, GDLN, World Bank Institute

WBI Intervention Design Process

Tirsdag 16. oktober

George Mason University

Educational Technology at George Mason University
Sharon Pitt, Division of Instructional Technology, GMU

National Science Foundation:
Technology and Education Initiatives

Dr. Eamonn Kelly, GMU

Open Source in Higher Education
Dr. Shahron Willians van Rooij, College of Education and Human Development, GMU

Studio Thinking:  The Benefits of Visual Arts in Education
Dr. Kim Sheridan, College of Education and Human Development. GMU
eLearning, Design and Research
Dr. Brenda Bannan-Ritland, Colege of Education and Human Development, GMU

Using Sports and Geography to Promote Geographic Literacy and Diplomacy
Allan Falconer, GMU

SCORM in Training and Education
Paul Jesukiewicz, Advances Distributed Learning Co-Lab

Creating a Well-Rounded Online Learning Experience
Joseph Gainer, CIA University

Supporting Student Self-Regulation in Distributed Learning Environments
Nada Dabbagh, Graduation School of Education

Technology in Informal Education: Digital Storytelling and Gaming
Dr. Kevin Clark, Graduate School of Education, GMU

Onsdag 17. oktober

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin - a Corporate Overview
Steve Williams, Lockheed Martin

Learning at Lockheed Martin
Dave Potts, Lockheed Martin

Service Based Training
Rob Dixon, Lockheed Martin Simulation and Training Systems

University of Maryland

The Center for Human Capital, Innovation and Technology
Dr. Susan Taylor, Robert H. Smith School of Business, UMD

Factors that Enhance the Transfer of Technology-Based Training in Teamwork Skills:  Findings from a Field Study of Virtual Teams
Professor Paul Tesluk, Robert H. Smith School of Business, UMD

Examining Determinants of User Intention to Explore a Technology Across Time

Simulearn:  Practiceware for Developing Leader's People Skills

Thomas A. Parkinson, Simulearn

Torsdag 18. oktober

Gaming, Simulation and the Importance of Reaching the Affective Domain
David Versaw, Will Interactive

DAU and the engaged Learner
Dr. Bob Ainsley, The Defence Aquisition University