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Virtual Worlds and Collaborative Work: Survey Results

A wide range of applications and uses of virtual worlds (VWs) by consumers and enterprises have emerged in the past couple of years. The survey in this report focuses on one broad use category--collaborative work--and finding views and perspectives from a wide range of active users of VWs on a number of issues and developments relating to the current and future role of VWs in collaborative work.

Virtual Worlds 2007 Fall Conference: Conference Report

October 2007
Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D., Director

The conference and expo - following up on a smaller spring session in New York that focused on marketing and branding in virtual worlds (VWs) - had more than 1000 people attending in the San Jose, California, Convention Center and had more than 30 virtual-platform and technology companies participating.

The program of the conference was broader in scope that the one in New York, with more than 100 featured speakers.

The 3-D Internet

September 2007
Kermit M. Patton

Now that the Internet has integrated video capabilities into its impressive bag of tricks, what will its next conquest be?  Three-dimentional (3-D) spaces are proliferating on the Internet, and a variety of signs are indicating that they will eventually play a primary role in the way users access information using computers and digital devices for all kinds.

Serious Virtual Worlds, Conference Report

September 2007
Rob Edmonds, Senior Consultate VWC

Virtual-Worlds Technology Map