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VWC Viewpoints August 2007

Google and Microsoft's Futue Role in Virtual Worlds

This Viewpoints looks into the future of virtual worlds and speculates about the potential role for two of the most formidable players into today's software marketplace:  Google and Microsoft.

The virtual-worlds industry (like most new industries) is dominated by a large number of small players.  Many people active in virtual worlds are asking when the big companies will move in, how they will distrupt the industry, and what the resulting changes will be for players and users.  Companies like IBM, Cisco Systems, Sony, and Sun Microsystems already have significant interests in virtual worlds.  For example, Sony is developing its own PLayStation 3-based virtual world, Sun has developed a variety of virtual-worlds technologies for enterprises, and IBM has created a new business unit to examine the emerging business opportunities resulting from virtual worlds.  This Viewpoiints consentrale on the potential role of two players that could arguably create the biggest disruption to the virtual-worlds industry:  Google and Microsoft.

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Google and Microsoft's Future Role in Virtual Worlds