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VWC Viewpoints November 2007

How to Harness the Innovation in Second Life
Technology Analyst: Rob Edmonds

Applications in Opportunities in the Technology Map highlights virtual worlds as potential tools to help companies innovate and develop new products.  Although virtual worlds for innovation is a nascent field, some companies are already trying to tap the creativity and innovation potential within the current generation of Second Life residents.

One goal of SRI Consulting Business Interlligence's Virtual-Worlds Consortium is to examine how companies can improve their innovation practices with virtual worlds.  Possibilities include improving the communication between the virtual teams that create new products, prototyping products in virtual worlds, and creating virtual worlds systems that guide teams though structured innovation processes.  Another possibility, which this Viewpoints exmines, is to harness the creativity of existing virtual-worlds communities, particularly current Second Life residents who have consistently demonstrated their capacity and enthusiasm for creating new virtual objects.  Companies that have run initiatives to tap into some of the creativity of Second Life residents include Electrolux, Coca-Cola, Pontiac, Starwood Hotels, and Alcatel Lucent.

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How to Harness the Innovation in Second Life