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VWC Viewpoints April 2008

Second Life behind the Firewall

For enterprises interested in virtual worlds for internal applications, such as collaborative work or learning, Second Life has proved a useful sandbox for trying out ideas. Through private islands, companies have also been able to create their own private spaces. For example, at the 27 March 2008 Virtual Worlds Consortium meeting in Second Life, Unilever told attendees about the private "digital workspace" that it runs within Second Life that allows employees to meet and collaborate on various issues. Host of the meeting, Rivers Run Red (a United Kingdom–based virtual worlds agency) built this pilot system for Unilever and has also built similar private Second Life spaces for a variety of other clients. However, enterprises have expressed some concern about Second Life for internal applications, citing problems including poor usability, poor performance, the availability of inappropriate content, and security issues (even on a private island, all data travel through Linden Lab's servers). Rivers Run Red, which is focusing increasingly on enterprise applications and less on marketing and branding, has recently partnered with Multiverse and now plans to develop many of its new solutions on this alternative platform. Multiverse recently announced plans to create world viewers in Flash that work alongside the standard Multiverse viewer—these Flash viewers may prove useful for organizations that wish to avoid installing new client software. (For more details about the 27 March 2008 meeting, see For more details about Multiverse, see page 10 of the Technology Map.)

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Second Life behind the Firewall