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LoD Viewpoints May 2006

Do Custom Content Vendors Have a Future?
Why is this topic significant?
Some learning-technology vendors rely on custom-content development for a large part (or all) of their revenue. For enterprise adopters, obtaining quality content that meets the specific needs of the organization is critical. This Viewpoints examines the future of the custom-content market, with a particular emphasis on the United Kingdom (traditionally strong for custom content) and discusses implications for vendors and enterprise adopters across Europe and the United States.

Since the early days of eLearning, organizations have commissioned custom-content providers to develop content on their behalf. Customized content allows organizations to obtain exactly the content they need rather than making do with off-the-shelf titles. Until recently, custom-content services attracted a high price that benefited specialized U.S. and European vendors. Developing content required both time and skills that were difficult for eLearning adopters to find in-house or from low-cost providers. But today, custom-content development is a business under threat. The twin pressures of Indian developers and easy-to-use authoring tools look set to squeeze many midsize and large providers out of the market.

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Do Custom Content Vendors Have a Future?