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LoD Viewpoints June 2006

Wikis for Enterprise Learning 
Many people already use Wikipedia to research work-related issues as well as leisure activities. But the underlying wiki software that powers Wikipedia is also enabling a wide variety of specialist enterprise wikis—some specific to a project team, some accessible to an entire organization. Enterprise wikis provide new opportunities to enhance informal learning in the workplace. This Viewpoints reviews current practice and provides implications for learning-technology players.

Wikis are already gaining grassroots adoption in the enterprise. Project teams use them to collaborate on documents, share project notes, and develop software. Some companies are also using wikis at a corporate level to share strategic plans, build customer communities, and manage corporate events. Crucially, wiki software is typically much cheaper and (arguably) easier to use than full-fledged enterprise collaboration and content-management technologies. And the enterprise wiki is no longer just the domain of hopeful start-ups: IBM and Microsoft are both entering the market.

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Wikis for Enterprise Learning