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LoD Viewpoints December 2005/January 2006

2005: The Year in Review  
Look for These Developments in 2006

This special Viewpoints for December 2005 and January 2006 reviews key developments during 2005 and briefly discusses upcoming developments for 2006.Consolidation was the most dramatic story of 2005, and the repercussions of the various mergers and acquisitions will continue to be evident throughout the industry in 2006. Already many customers face vendor demands to switch platform, tools vendors need to reposition themselves against strengthened competition, and content companies need to reevaluate partnerships and competitive threats.Elsewhere, simulation- and, for the first time, game-based learning increased in importance, with simulations approaching the mainstream of eLearning and games arriving among early adopters. During 2005, formal training budgets remained more or less steady with those of 2004, according to Training magazine's annual survey, though interest in informal learning activities grew throughout the year.