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Perspectives on eLearning 2.0

March 2006
Author:  Eilif Trondsen
Contributor:  Rob Edmonds

Since publication of Tim O'Reilly's (CEO of O'Reilly Media) article on Web 2.0 in September 2005 and the subsequent article by Stephen Downes (a senior researcher at the National Research Council of Canada) on eLearning 2.0 in October 2005, considerable discussion and debate have taken place, especially on the Web, about the topics. An online summit recently also took place to address some of the issues emerging from online discussion and to encourage continuing dialogue among learning professionals and analysts about what these new tools and technology developments may mean for learning and training. Bill Bruck of Q2Learning—an eLearning company with an online platform that integrates structured training with informal learning, online community, blended learning, and online collaboration—invited a number of people with known interest in these topics to participate in the two-week-long online summit.

At the 22 February 2006 meeting of the eLearning Forum at SRI International's campus in Menlo Park, California—where Downes and Bruck spoke and were joined by Lucy Carter, director, Worldwide Sales Training and Communications, Apple Computer—learning and training professionals in Silicon Valley had a chance to meet to hear these experts share their perspectives on Web 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 issues. During and after their presentations, we also had an interactive discussion about some of the impacts and implications that we may see in eLearning from these Web 2.0 tools and technology trends and developments. This LoD program Travel Report summarizes some of the key issues that emerged during the dialogue and discussion and provides some of our own perspectives on these developments.

Download the report here:
Perspectives on eLearning 2.0