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Learning in Context of Business Processes and Workflows

December 2004
Author:  Eilif Trondsen
Contributors:  Rob Edmonds, Del Langdon, Ted Cocheu, Jonathon Levy, Harvey Singh

In recent years, executives and managers responsible for corporate learning and training have come under increasing pressure to demonstrate their business value in terms of business performance. We expect that this change will continue and help build support for changing learning and training operations toward the new model in which learning aligns more closely and integrates with and even embeds within business processes and workflows.  The resulting higher degree of procimity of learning to work and workflows holds promise of bringing us closer to a situation in which we can more confidently understant the correlation and casual relationships between learning and business performance.

This report examines key characteristics of workflow learning - the term that Jay Cross, a learing guru leading the Workflow Institute, coined and onen that we use to represent learning that connects closely and aligns with work tasks specific to job roles and relates to business objectives, processes, and workflows - and presents case studies that illustrate how organizations are starting to design and deploy workflow learning systems.  The report also presents recommendations and action steps for enterprise adopters and vendors as they plan for the emergence of workflow learning.

Learning in Context of Business Processes and Workflows