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Learning Architectures to Enable Strategy, Performance, and Learning

April 2005
Eilif Trondsen
Rob Edmonds
Del Langdon
William Ralston
Harry Wittenberg

About this Report

Senior business, human-resources, and learning executives making investment or operational decisions about learning and training today face a wide range of platforms, technologies, application services, content-production tools, and learning and training products.  The Internet and other learning technologies offer numerous benefits but present decision makers with new challenges as they seek the optimal combination of products and services to achieve the most cost-effective learning and training solutions.

This report examines the role that learning architectures can play in helping business and learning executives and managers make better decisions in the face of the growing number of options and an increasingly compolex learning environment.  Learning architecture can serve as an evolving communications and planning tool that provides a holistic and comprehensive guide to implement learning processes, activities, and systemns.

Issures and topics that the report addresses include:

  • The role of informal learning
  • Various needs and perspectives of learning architects
  • Design and implementation challenges

Learning Architectures to Enable Strategy, Performance, and Learning