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Improving Business Performance through Partner Learning

August 2005
Eilif Trondsen
Del Langdon

Perhaps not surprisingly, most reports about learning and learning technologies have a strong learning focus and   address business issues and goals only at the margin. This tendency to shortchange business issues may explain why learning operations in most organizations often have no representation in decision-making bodies. This situation is starting to change, particularly in organizations that have chief learning officers or analogous executive   positions with learning responsibilities and the ability to ensure close links between learning and key business functions and operations. Organizations today cannot afford for learning to take a back seat. They must ensure instead that learning leadership and operations are in position to have a business-performance impact.

For these reasons, this report focuses on a key business issue--the role of partnering and the ways in which   various forms of partnering can generate business value--and examines the learning and knowledge implications of the growing use of partnering in business.

Improving Business Performance through Partner Learning