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Case Study: Raytheon Professional Services Brings Large-Scale eLearning to the Retail Auto Industry

July 2006
Eilif Trondsen
Lisa Kennedy

Much research in the Learning-on-Demand (LoD) program has focused on the current and potential role of learning and learning technology in improving business performance in the extended enterprise. For instance, the August 2005 report, Improving Business Performance through Partner Learning, examined the role of learning in a wide range of channel-partner and other partner arrangements. Other LoD publications have examined the growing role of learning outsourcing as a way to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of learning.

This travel report supplements our earlier work. It provides a case study of partner learning as well as learning outsourcing, focusing on the long-term partnership that Raytheon Professional Services LLC (RPS) has built with a major automaker, providing a wide range of learning services.

What are the factors that influence owners' satisfaction with their vehicles? Product design, performance, reliability, and affordability are all important, but so are the experiences that customers have well after the sale in the service department at the dealership. Because it's an article of faith in the auto industry that owner satisfaction generally translates into owner loyalty, automakers do everything within their power to influence those service experiences positively.

For one global manufacturer, the end of the twentieth century brought into sharp focus the challenge of providing effective technical training to the 90 000 service technicians throughout the United States at more than 7000 franchise dealerships. The automaker decided that the solution lay in an extensive learning-outsourcing contract that the automaker made with Raytheon Professional Services.

RPS is the commercial training unit of Raytheon Company—a global leader in defense electronics and technical services. Building on its foundation of providing technical services and training under government contracts, Raytheon has expanded its client roster to the commercial sector and has become a major learning-outsourcing firm, particularly for global firms like this automaker, with workforce training needs that span national borders and myriad languages and cultural frameworks. (See the LoD report Learning Outsourcing: Strategic Opportunity.)

Download the report here:  Case Study: Raytheon Professional Services Brings Large-Scale eLearning to the Retail Auto Industry