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REN nyhetsbrev nr. 14, 2005

3. oktober 2005
1:  Ny SRIC-BI LoD rapport. "Improving Business Performance through Partner       
2:  The September Issue of LoD Viewponts. “The Usability Question”
3:  Overcoming Challenges in Learning and Development
4:  Nytt og nyttig
5:  På kalenderen


1:  Ny SRIC-BI LoD rapport. “Improving Business Performance through Partner Learning”

Perhaps not surprisingly, most reports about learning and learning technologies have a strong learning focus and address business issues and goals only at the margin. This tendency to shortchange business issues may explain why learning operations in most organizations often have no representation in decision-making bodies. This situation is starting to change, particularly in organizations that have chief learning officers or analogous executive positions with learning responsibilities and the ability to ensure close links between learning and key business functions and operations. Organizations today cannot afford for learning to take a back seat. They must ensure instead that learning leadership and operations are in position to have a business-performance impact. For these reasons, this report focuses on a key business issue--the role of partnering and the ways in which various forms of partnering can generate business value-- and examines the learning and knowledge implications of the growing use of partnering in business.
Rapporten kan leses og lastes ned fra våre medlemssider.

2:  The September 2005 issue of LoD Viewpoints.  “The Usability Question”

Usability can make or break a product – the iPod’s runaway success is largely due to strong usability and design – and learning technology products are no different.  However, the learning industry often overlooks usability, particularly in content, and investments are wasted as learners struggle with poor software.  This viewpoints discusses the distinction between learner and user, provides an overview of basic usability testing and design principles, and discusses practical implications for vendors and enterprise practitioners.

Rapporten ligger på våre medlemssider

3:  Overcoming Challenges in Learning and Development

Economic, social and technological forces continue to change the global economy and organizations around the world. The adoption of new technologies, the rapid obsolescence of knowledge, the need for just-in-time learning and the search for cost-effective ways to meet the learning needs of a global workforce have redefined the processes that underlie the design, development and delivery of training and education. The Hudson Institute suggests that only 20 percent of today’s workforce has the skills for 60 percent of the jobs in the year 2020. Additionally, demographic changes will have an impact on learning needs. By 2008, a wealth of skills and experience will begin to disappear from the market, as the first members of the baby boomer generation reach early retirement age.
Les hele artikkelen her.

4: Nytt og nyttig

Bank of America: Investing in the Future of Learning
Bank of America seems to be appropriately named: The company financed movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Gone With the Wind,” lent the money to build Disneyland and funded construction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. In addition to these cultural contributions, the firm is currently the official bank of Major League Baseball, as well as the nation’s number-one lender to small businesses.
Les hele artikkelen her.

Online Educa – Berlin 30. november – 2. desember, 11th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training 

Over 80 norske deltakere og 16 norske utstillere deltok på konferansen i 2004.
14 høyskoler, universiteter og fjernundervisningsinstitusjoner samt 4 leverandører var utstillere på den norske fellesstanden.  I tillegg hadde 4 norske bedrifter egne stands.

Det var overveldende stor oppslutning om det norske initiativet. Norge ble markedsført under logoen e-Norway og hver av institusjonene/bedriftene hadde sin egen plakat og areal for presentasjon av materiell og undervisningsprogram.

E-Norway vil også i år invitere til deltakelse på felles norsk stand.

Les mer på våre medlemssider.

To LMS/LCMS or Not to LMS/LCMS? …. Wrong Question!
Find one. Buy one. Install it.  Those are often the first three steps organizations take when they move into the world of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and/or Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS). Whether or not your organization has already gotten its feet wet, there will be a LMS/LCMS in your future. Successfully planning for, selecting, installing, implementing and managing them is no easy task. But, with forethought you can ensure your success. And, if you’ve already started, reflection can help you make the necessary changes to enable you to be successful going forward. Lance Dublin, industry veteran, consultant and author, on how to identify the critical success factors for your organization, and then successfully implement – not just install – your LMS/LCMS.
Hør foredraget til Lance på vår studietur.  Foredraget vil bli tilgjengelig på medlemssidene etter studieturen. 

5: På kalenderen

Digital Storytelling Festival, 7. til 9. oktober i San Francisco

REN Studietur, 9. til 13. oktober i San Francisco.
Påmelding til Veslemøy Barnes på

Training Fall Conference and Expo, October 17-19, 2005, Long Beach, CA
At Training Fall Conference and Expo, you'll find more resources, more expertise and more opportunities for you to accelerate your professional development and online learning curve.

Strategic Learning & Competency Mgmt - Event in Copenhagen, Oct 19
An event in Copenhagen, Oct 19th on the topic of “Strategic Learning & Competency Management” – “How to Identify, Develop, Manage and Retain People’s Competencies in a Rapidly Changing Environment”.
This is a pan-Nordic event organized by Key2Know (Denmark), Comenius (Sweden) and Saba. Attached you find the invitation with agenda and description of the event. We are expecting about 80 participants from across Scandinavia.

På denne konferansen vil du blant annet få mulighet til å høre Bobby Yazdani, leder og grunnlegger av Saba.
Mer informasjon og påmelding:

Chief Learning Officer Symposium EMEA 2005
November 2-4 2005 at the Hotel Arts Barcelona, Spain

Join us in Barcelona as Chief Learning Officer magazine extends its highly regarded Symposium series to the EMEA markets. CLO Symposium EMEA is the perfect forum for senior international learning executives to share their experiences and best practices with an ever-expanding Global community.

DevLearn 2005 – 16. til 18. november i San Francisco
DevLearn 2005 is the most important event to attend this fall if you are looking for the latest strategies and best-practices for creating stimulating and effective e-Learning that improves knowledge and performance. It will offer you an opportunity to see hundreds of examples of world-class e-Learning programs as well as techniques and practical approaches for solving your e-Learning development challenges.
Mer informasjon og påmelding her:

Lyst til Læring - eLæring 2005 – 24. november i Oslo.
Konferansen arrangeres av Abelia og VOX. 


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