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REN Nyhetsbrev nr. 4, 2011

3. august 2011
1: REN studietur til San Francisco uke 41/2011
2: REN medlemsmøte 7. september
3: Nytt fra Bersin (
4: Nytt og nyttig
5: På kalenderen
Nå som sommerferien for de fleste er på hell og vi igjen begynner å forberede oss på høstens gjøremål håper vi på stort engasjement og deltakelse på høstens REN aktiviteter. Studieturen er selvfølgelig høstens høydepunkt og vi kan som vanlig se frem til veldig spennende og innholdsrike dager i San Francisco.

Høstens medlemsmøter begynner også å ta form, så det blir garantert gode muligheter for nettverking og gode faglige diskusjoner i REN regi. 


1: REN studietur til San Francisco uke 41/2011 

Planleggingen av årets høydepunkt er godt i gang og vi kan som vanlig ønske velkommen til spennende dager i San Francisco. Vi har også i år fått tak i mange dyktige foredragsholdere og spennende firmaer som ser frem til å vise sine produkter og ikke minst diskutere sine tanker med oss. REN er kjent som et faglig godt nettverk som også bringer kompetanse til våre foredragsholdere, dette er noe av grunnen til at vi hvert år klarer å få så dyktige og etterspurte foredragsholdere til våre studieturer.  

Påmelding som vanlig til Veslemøy på:
innen 8. september.  

Studieturen begynner søndag 9. oktober med et hyggelig sosialt program, før det faglige programmet starter mandag 10. oktober. 

Her kommer et kortfattet program, dere finner oppdatert og detaljert program på våre nettsider. På medlemsmøte 7. september vil vi også bruke noe tid på å gjennomgå programmet, samt en nærmere presentasjon av foredragsholdere og bedrifter slik at vi kan møte de så forberedt som mulig. 

REN tour San Francisco – Program 

Monday October 10, at the hotel


Topic to be decided
ance Dublin, Dublin Consulting

Lance Dublin is an independent management consultant, international speaker and author based in San Francisco, California and serving clients world-wide. He specializes in strategy development, program design, and implementation for corporate learning, change management, and organizational development initiatives. He brings to his work more than 30 years' experience in adult education and training, communication and change leadership, and motivation and innovation. He is the co-author of the capstone book in ASTD's e-learning series, "Implementing e-Learning" and has contributed chapters and articles to numerous other books and professional publications.

Lance er også en god venn av REN, han har vært I Norge 2 ganger i forbindelse med medlemsmøter og han stiller opp på våre studieturer i San Francisco.

Leadership Development
Larry Lenox, Catalyst Consulting Team

Larry Lenox is a top-flight facilitator with expertise in the design and delivery of highly engaging and impactful programs and interventions. He has general HR management experience in high tech, and more than 20 years of experience as a leader of Learning & Development organizations, including at Cisco Systems and Oracle Corporation. 

Learning and Predictive Analytics 
Ellen Wagner, Partner and Senior Analyst with Sage Road Solutions

Ellen Wagner is Partner and Senior Analyst with Sage Road Solutions, LLC, a premiere business and management services company. We work with organizations interested in accelerating the adoption of learning technology innovations. Ellen is responsible for industry intelligence, learning markets development and enablement solutions. In this capacity she also serves as the Executive Director of the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technology (

Ellen is the former senior director of worldwide eLearning, Adobe Systems, Inc. and was senior director of worldwide education solutions for Macromedia, Inc.

Her Ph.D. in learning psychology comes from the University of Colorado - Boulder. Her M.S. and B.A. degrees were earned at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


The name Knoodle (pronounced as “noodle” with a silent “K”) comes from combining the letter “K” for knowledge with the word “noodle”, defined as the action of thinking creatively. 

Knoodle provides a cloud-based social presentation, training, and learning management system in a single platform.  Deliver more effective and engaging online training and presentations to your target audience within minutes by using a combination of slides, video, audio, images, surveys, tests, multiple delivery options, and data analytics.  You can use Knoodle for sales pitches, product demos, sales or product training, video resumes, professional career and employee development, e-learning, and more.

Tuesday October 11 -  Company Visits Silicon Valley




Social Learning at Genentech
Omar Nielsen, Sr. Manager Learning Technologies 

Omar Nielsen works within HR at Genentech, Inc. During his decade in the corporate training arena, Omar has worked in many roles (developer, designer, manager, consultant, and strategist), managing synchronous and asynchronous learning initiatives both in the U.S. and abroad. Currently, he focuses on developing strategies to enhance HR learning and development services by utilizing online collaborative tools and other Web-based technologies.


Wednesday, October 12 – Visit to UC Berkeley and Autodesk

Visit to Center for Digital Storytelling

Joe Lambert, Executive Director

The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) is an international non-profit training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives. Our focus is on partnering with community, educational, and business institutions to develop large-scale initiatives using methods and principles adapted from our original Digital Storytelling Workshop. We also offer workshops for organizations and individuals and serve as a clearinghouse of information and resources about storytelling and new media.

Joe Lambert
Joe founded the Center for Digital Storytelling (formerly the San Francisco Digital Media Center) in 1994, with wife Nina Mullen and colleague Dana Atchley.

Joe har også vært i Norge, sist under konferansen Create, Share, Listen på Lillehammer i februar.

UC Berkeley, Educational Technolog Services,

Educational Technology Services develops, promotes and supports the effective integration of collaboration, learning, and communication technologies into the life and work of the UC Berkeley community and beyond.

Webcast.berkeley is the campus service for recording and publishing course and campus events for students and learners around the globe. Audio and video recordings of class lectures and special events are processed and made available to everyone through The webcast.berkeley service leverages technology to lower the overall cost of production and distribution, and make it easy for faculty to webcast their courses.


Presentations by:

Harry Wittenberg, Sr. Manager Learning Technologies
Jonathan Levy, Training and OD Consultant 
Heather Cowan, Senior OD and Training Consultant     

and a tour of the Autodesk Gallery 

Dinner cruise on the Bay.  Speakers will be invited 


Thursday, October 13 – at the hotel

Misha McPherson, Training Program Manager

Yammer is revolutionizing internal corporate communications by bringing together all of a company’s employees inside a private and secure enterprise social network. Although Yammer is as easy to use as consumer products like Facebook or Twitter, it is enterprise-class software built from the ground up to drive business objectives.

Yammer is free for your whole company, enabling users to communicate, collaborate, and share more easily and efficiently than ever before. It reduces the need for meetings, increases communication across silos, surfaces pockets of expertise and connects remote workers.

The Grove

Visualize and implement change
Rachel Smith, Director of Digital Facilitation

The Grove is a San Francisco-based consultancy and publisher that offers services and tools to help organizations, teams, and individuals successfully envision and implement change. Founded in 1977 by Grove president and organizational consultant David Sibbet, The Grove has helped a range of clients, from Fortune 500 businesses to nonprofit organizations, meet a diverse set of organizational challenges and achieve their goals.

Rachel S. Smith is the director of Digital Facilitation Services for The Grove. A specialist in project coordination and user-interface design, Rachel develops ways to integrate technology into visual practice, including digital products and services for The Grove’s clients. She is a skilled visual facilitator and works with groups both online and in person. She is recognized for her work in making new technologies approachable through talks, trainings, and written materials and has authored instructional materials, guides, and monographs on the creative and technical aspects of teaching with technology.


Eric Vidal, Director of Product Marketing

Unisfair sees a future where Virtual Engagement will be a key component of your marketing mix. In addition to traditional advertising, events, and campaigns, we’re betting that virtual events and environments will have a critical role to play. Why? Because they’re innovative, cost-effective, and measurable. Our Platform delivers a virtual environment where your attendees engage more fully. And we provide you with metrics that demonstrate that your virtual strategy is working. Go Virtual with Unisfair today.

 The eLearning Guild,

Trends in the eLearning Industry
David Holcombe, Founder and CEO

The eLearning Guild is the oldest and most trusted source of information, networking, and community for eLearning Professionals. As a member-driven organization, the Guild produces conferences, online events, e-books, research reports, and Learning Solutions Magazine—all devoted to the idea that the people who know the most about making eLearning successful, are the people who produce eLearning every day in corporate, government, and academic settings. Our goal is to create a place where eLearning professionals can share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build a better industry—and better learning experiences—for everyone.

Vi har reservert rom fra lørdag 8. oktober til torsdag 13. oktober på Marriott Union Square til en spesialpris av $ 225 + hotellskatt pr. natt. Dersom du planlegger å komme tidligere eller blir lenger bør du gi beskjed så snart som mulig til  


2: REN medlemsmøte 7. september 2011 

Høstens første medlemsmøte er hos Statoil og tema er todelt. Vi skal forberede oss til studieturen, med en nærmere presentasjon av bedrifter og foredragsholdere vi skal møte. Ved tidligere studieturer har denne gjennomgangen vist seg svært nyttig for at vi skal være så forberedt som mulig. 

Dagens andre tema blir ”nytt og kult”. Med det skal vi forsøke å gi små presentasjoner på aktuelle og nytenkende prosjekter. 

Forslag til presentasjoner og foredragsholdere er selvfølgelig ønskelig. 

Vi legger ut program på våre medlemssider, og som vanlig er påmelding til Veslemøy på:


3: Nytt fra Bersin (

Husk at medlemsskap i REN gir tilgang til meget gode rapporter. Her er en oversikt over nye rapporter:

4: Nytt og nyttig 

How Experts Process Education, av Marty Rosenheck

What makes an expert an expert? Three key principles will tell you and help you build expertise in your organization.

Cognitive scientists have spent years studying the characteristics of top performers and how they develop their expertise. Organizations can leverage the results of this research to design formal and informal learning processes that accelerate the development of proficient and even masterful performance. Three key principles from expertise research have direct implications for developing top performers in organizations.

Les hele artikkelen her:


5: På kalenderen

17. august 2011 Conference on eLearning & IT Offshoring New Jersey / New York USA
7. September – REN medlemsmøte
9. – 13. oktober – REN studietur til San Francisco
16. November – REN møte