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REN Nyhetsbrev nr. 2, 2011

1: REN medlemsmøte 23. mars – Tema ”Forfatterverktøy for egenproduksjon av
2: Nytt fra Bersin (
3: Nytt og nyttig
4: På kalenderen

1:  REN medlemsmøte 23. mars – Tema ”Forfatterverktøy for egenproduksjon  av e-læring” 

På dette medlemsmøte vil vi se på ulike forfatterverktøy for egenproduksjon av e-læring. Vi vil få demonstrert ulike verktøy slik at vi kan se forskjeller og høre om erfaringer med ulike verktøy, både malbaserte og tradisjonelle verktøy. 

Vi kommer tilbake til sted, men vi starter møtet kl. 09.00 og holder på frem til 15.00. Oppdatert agenda vil dere finne på våre medlemssider. Som vanlig tar vi gjerne i mot innspill til foredragsholdere og verktøy dere ønsker en presentasjon av. 

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2: Nytt fra Bersin ( 

Gjennom medlemsskapet i REN er det muligheter til å ta ut rapporter fra Bersin & Associates. Her er en oversikt over de siste rapportene. Garantert mye god lesing og nyttige innspill. 

  • TalentWatch Q1'2011 – Global Growth Creates New War for Talent
  • Transparent Talent Mobility: An Advanced Strategy for Succession Management
  • The Next Generation of e-Learning: A Primer
  • Signs of a Turnaround for Corporate Training
  • Training Spending & Staffing: What's Changed in the New Economy?
  • Developing Skills in the HR Organization: What Works
  • High-Impact HR: Key Truths about the Path to Excellence and 10 Best Practices to Incorporate along the Way
  • L&D Organizations: Who's Hiring and Who's Firing?
  • Rapid Simulations: Caspian Learning Brings Immersive Learning to the Mainstream
  • Learning Leaders® 2011: Lessons from the Best
3: Nytt og nyttig 

Chief Learning Officer har listet opp en del interessante artikler, samlet under fanen:  Special Report: Learning Delivery 2011, coverage of the tools and technology impacting learning this year. 

·        Five Trends in Learning Delivery in 2011, The way people, technology and learning meet is continually changing, moving toward increases in fidelity, convenience, collaboration, specificity and confluence. ·         Measuring Learning Delivery, Achieving best practices in measuring learning delivery means looking at how and when the effectiveness of the delivery method is assessed

·         Predict for Efficient Learning, In 2011, Americans are looking for a change in how business is conducted. Predictive learning delivery can help companies excel in this new economy — and avoid missteps.

·         Connect to Engage: Millennials Want Collaborative, Online Learning Delivery, Millennials expect flexibility in how, when and where they work. Organizations that harness this can increase engagement.

·         Learning Delivery 2011: Classroom Is Still King, Despite the continued growth of e-learning and newer technology-driven delivery methods, classroom learning remains resilient and dominant.

·         What a Business Needs in Learning Delivery, Delivery is a critical component in successful instructor-led training. If it’s not considered, companies may end up with a learning message inconsistent with their culture.

·         Diversifying Investment In Learning, As financial companies move back into hiring, they’re changing their learning delivery methods from content focused to context focused, with a mind toward getting analysts “desk ready” ASAP.

·         The State of Learning Delivery on Mobile Devices in 2011, The combination of mobile devices and other technologies, such as GPS and video, will further the exploration of how to apply mobile learning in the workplace.

·         The Social Network and the Risks of Informal Learning Delivery, Giving employees the information they need to succeed is great. But neglecting to test them on it is a gamble.

·         Replenishing the Brain Drain, As baby boomers get set to retire, learning leaders must have a strategy to retain their experienced employees' institutional memory and propriety knowledge and deliver it through a blend of content streams to younger workers.

·         Form Following Function, As technology drives a proliferation of learning tools, it’s critical that CLOs clearly define their purpose before finding the most appropriate form of delivery.

·         Learning That Sticks, Three guidelines can help organizations achieve a blend of the formal and informal that ensures learning is indelible.

·         2011: A Virtual, Mobile Year, A look ahead at how learning delivery is changing in 2011.

Se hele samlingen og les artiklene her:


4: På kalenderen 

REN medlemsmøte 23. mars
REN showdag for e-læring – 12. mai

August 2011
Conference on eLearning & IT Offshoring New Jersey / New York USA