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Workforce Performance Management:

Authors:  Michael Brennan, Ellen H. Julian
September 2004

As the global economy sustains growth and the war for talent intensifies, organizations are increasingly focusing on change initiatives that will improve operational best practices. The benefits realized by investing in workforce
performance management (WPM) solutions are becoming ever more appealing to businesses across industries and geographies, and they include improvements in goal setting, stronger employee engagement in work, compensation that better reflects performance, and more efficient talent management. One company that IDC believes business decision makers and HR executives should consider when evaluating WPM providers is  Development Dimensions International (DDI). DDI is a financially stable company with a global footprint and is well positioned in the emerging WPM market. IDC bases this belief on the following: 

* Alignment of cascading goals with organizational strategy. DDI works with its clients’ senior management teams to articulate organizational objectives and trains managers on how to set goals up and down the organization.
* View of employee life cycle. A key strength for DDI is that WPM processes and methodologies are natural extensions of the company’s domain expertise in employee assessment and selection, succession management, and training and development - all of which have evolved over the company’s 34-year existence.
* Consulting  expertise. DDI works with client organizations to align business strategy and tactics with  performance goals. DDI’s approach is to work with clients to design business systems that will enable companies to achieve their goals and subsequently help clients integrate systems into their business practices.
* Change  agent. Companies that spend wisely on WPM will execute with the conventional wisdom that technology will not create value simply by its deployment. Thus, they will need an organization that is adept at communicating value and training employees and managers on new systems and business processes. DDI has proven that it is adept at both in its work with clients.

Workforce Performance Management :  An IDC Assessment  of DDI's Capabilities