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Optimizing the Training Back Office

Authors:  Michael Brennan, Lee Maxey
July 2004

This IDC study examines how the training back office is run at large enterprises. Training back office operations comprise the administrative systems and processes that support organizational development and include learning technology management, enrollment management, fulfillment and logistics, reporting, and vendor management. This study is based primarily on interviews conducted by IDC with senior training professionals from 21 large organizations. Representative titles of respondents include chief learning officer, senior vice president of learning operations, and corporate university dean.

The study covers:
The time and money spent attending to back-office operations
Governance and sourcing models to manage these systems and processes
The use of technology to facilitate back-office operations
"This study, like others done recently by IDC, suggests that technology and shared services will play a bigger role in the way training and performance support are created, managed, and delivered at enterprises worldwide," said Michael Brennan, program manager for learning services research at IDC. "These shifts bode well for corporate training and elearning vendors."

Optimizing the Training Back Office to Focus on Business Performance